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Wasting Public Money

Last summer it was announced with great enthusiasm by Minister of State for Public & Commuter Transport, Alan Kelly (who is from Nenagh), that nearly €1 million (€880k) would be invested in the development of a cycle lane between Limerick … Continue reading

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Blue Skies & Pain

Although Pink Floyd were singing about something completely different, it was their lyrics that immediately entered my head as the mountain loomed into view on Sunday morning. Blue skies and pain. We were driving towards Angelsboro, a little village on … Continue reading

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Opera Stuff

I keep harping on and on about this, but it’s something I can’t let go too easily! Depending on how events transpire, we may (or may not) be at a turning point in Limerick’s history. The president of Limerick Chamber … Continue reading

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Limerick Bikes Scheme

Anybody who travels to Dublin regularly will be aware of the Dublin Bikes Scheme. There are similar schemes in Paris, London and other big cities around the world. The concept is straight-forward. Bikes are provided at various stations throughout the … Continue reading

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Transition Limerick

I attended a meeting in The Loft Venue (overhead the Locke Bar on George’s Quay) of a number of local people who are interested in getting a chapter of the ‘Transition‘ movement going in Limerick. The movement is fairly well … Continue reading

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The city we deserve?

The following article is a response to a blog post by Anne Sheridan. In her blog, Anne argues that developers have perhaps been unfairly maligned for much of the problems of Limerick City and that a policy which promotes retail … Continue reading

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