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Limerick 2030

There has been much talk of the Limerick 2030 plan which was launched back in June. In recent months we’ve seen some movement. First there was the setting up of the Limerick Marketing Company. There is scope now to market … Continue reading

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What’s the story with the lights on Sarsfield Bridge?

Nearly a year ago (April 2012) the old Victorian light standards on Sarsfield Bridge were removed, supposedly for restoration. As a temporary measure some very tacky and ill-fitting lamp standards were installed. No argument there if it’s not going to … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Irish in the American Civil War:
History is filled with ‘what if’ moments, those occasions where a slightly different result or outcome may have radically altered history as we know it. One such moment occurred on 22nd…

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Wasting Public Money

Last summer it was announced with great enthusiasm by Minister of State for Public & Commuter Transport, Alan Kelly (who is from Nenagh), that nearly €1 million (€880k) would be invested in the development of a cycle lane between Limerick … Continue reading

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Limerick Smarter Travel Projects

Just in the last few weeks (as reported by Connected Limerick and All About The Triple blogs) it was announced that Limerick is one of three places in the country that is to receive a good chunk of funding over … Continue reading

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Blue Skies & Pain

Although Pink Floyd were singing about something completely different, it was their lyrics that immediately entered my head as the mountain loomed into view on Sunday morning. Blue skies and pain. We were driving towards Angelsboro, a little village on … Continue reading

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Old Jesuit Church on O’Connell Street – New City Library?

I wrote about this issue back in October (see post here) and the tête-à-tête between the councillor and the city official continued in city hall recently. Here’s the Limerick Post report on the meeting of the Cultural and Sporting Committee last … Continue reading

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