What’s the story with the lights on Sarsfield Bridge?

Nearly a year ago (April 2012) the old Victorian light standards on Sarsfield Bridge were removed, supposedly for restoration. As a temporary measure some very tacky and ill-fitting lamp standards were installed. No argument there if it’s not going to be for very long and for safety reasons it’s important that the bridge is lit. Unfortunately, these temporary lights remain in position (they are not even turned on lately) and there’s no sign of the old ones. I’ll try and get a comment from the city council and will update when I do.


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2 Responses to What’s the story with the lights on Sarsfield Bridge?

  1. Thomas Bibby says:

    Nice post.
    It would be great to know what’s happened to the old lights, they were beautiful. Hopefully they’ll be back soon.
    I’d love to see a plan to redo the layout of Sarsfield Bridge – it’s not a particularly nice bridge to walk over as the footpaths are too narrow, and it’s pretty bad for cycling too. With a bit of imagination (and those streetlights back) it could be a beautiful and useful gateway to the city centre.

    • brianleddin says:

      I agree, Thomas. It certainly is dedicated to motorised traffic at the moment, and that’s a pity. It’s difficult to imagine anything changing though. It’ll always be argued that there must be at least two lanes for traffic, and these are narrow enough. Maybe make it a one way?

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