Old Jesuit Church on O’Connell Street – New City Library?

I wrote about this issue back in October (see post here) and the tête-à-tête between the councillor and the city official continued in city hall recently. Here’s the Limerick Post report on the meeting of the Cultural and Sporting Committee last week.


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1 Response to Old Jesuit Church on O’Connell Street – New City Library?

  1. Miriam says:

    As I live across the street, I was curious to look around the building at the open auction held some years ago before the Jesuits moved out. Cllr. Leddin is right – it is well-situated, spacious, beautiful & atmospheric and the atmosphere is perfect for a library as the building once housed a school. A problem with converting churches for residential or commercial purposes is the scale (particularly the height) of their interiors, but this would be an advantage for a place of research, reading and reflection. The priests’ quarters, sitting and dining rooms and the vaulted kitchens in the basement could easily be converted to offices, reading rooms and reference stacks. People who use libraries need more than a store of books; we like to explore the library as well as its catalogue, to find a spot where the light and acoustic are just right, and to sense the history of previous readers.

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